Detailed history

During its 9 years existence SolvIT has evolved from being a local company to providing unique combinations of IT solutions to clients in Europe and Middle East, in countries like: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Cyprus, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Throughout the years SolvIT established partnerships with software and hardware vendors, as well as service providers, that offer customers a wealth of proven technology that meets real-world business challenges.

The first and most important partnership was with CA Technologies, an international company offering IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to support agile business services.

SolvIT was recognised by CA as being a valuable partner and was given several acknowledges during the years: “CA Enterprise Solution Provider for Romania”, “CA Partner of the Year 2008”, “CA Gold Service Provider”.

SolvIT also takes pride in its team, reaching a number of 25 specialists, but keeping the core almost intact from the beginning of the company.

  • Founded by Mihai Scemtovici, Cristi Iliescu, Ionut Artene

    • Mihai Scemtovici

      Mihai Scemtovici

      Solutions from SolvIT Networks are the critical foundation for helping customers gain deep insight into and control over their complex, mixed IT environments.

    • Ionut Artene

      Ionut Artene

      SolvIT’s solutions and services are the most important elements for the deep insight and control necessary to make the promise of flexible IT and agile business a reality.

    • Cristi-Iliescu

      Cristi Iliescu

      Our solutions enable customers to support changing business models at the right place, the right time, and from the best sources.

  • 2005

    Start up
    First contract for services in Greece


    Named “CA Enterprise Solution Provider for Romania”


    Foundation of TillOver Bulgaria

    A joint venture between SolvIT Networks and Bulgarian based, Vereo


    Named “CA Partner of the Year 2008”


    Regional presence

    Set-up new offices in Hungary and Serbia
    Reaches a turnover of € 2 million


    Consultancy services expansion

    Becomes “CA Gold Service Provider”
    Expands business in new markets in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus with services contracts