Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability management solutions scans enterprise networks for weaknesses that may be exploited by intruders. Should the scan find a weakness the vulnerability software suggests or initiates remediation action. In this way, vulnerability management software reduces the potential of an attack. This approach to network security differs from other security equipments and tools. Vulnerability management tools instead search for potential weaknesses and fix them to mitigate potential future network attacks.


    Security is a process

    Remedies are part of vulnerability management. Recognition must thus lead to a process that will eliminate detected weaknesses. Any vulnerability management process should answer three questions:

    • Who gets which information about vulnerabilities and when?
    • Who is responsible for what?
    • What remedies are available?

    Setting priorities

    Vulnerability in an on-line Web server is riskier than in an off-line system with telephone access.
    Damage to machinery used in manufacturing is usually a lot more expensive to repair than damage to a Web server used for image films.

    That’s why setting priorities is so important.

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