Fraud Prevention

  • Detect and prevent fraud in real time



    Cybercriminals are more organized than ever, using advanced technologies to launch sophisticated attacks. Despite the security measures taken by organizations, online fraud continues to increase at alarming rates.


    The Fraud Management Solution helps reduce fraud losses by preventing unauthorized acquisition and use of customer information including credentials and identities. You can secure high-value transactions and information while protecting multiple channels, including web, e-commerce, phone, and mobile. This enables you to protect assets, customers, and brand value—all while meeting regulations.

    This solution includes technologies and services spanning risk-based, knowledge-based, and out-of -band authentication options for the online, mobile, and contact center channels, as well as transaction protection, anti-phishing/anti-Trojan solutions, and cybercrime intelligence services.


    The Fraud Management Solution is designed to reduce your fraud losses and provide clear visibility into how and where your organization is losing money, credentials, and identities. It can reveal how your business is being targeted and help you protect against attacks, improve the efficiency of deploying resources, and clarify how to safely offer new products and services. Our solutions provides a non-invasive form of fraud prevention without changing the user experience.