Advanced Authentication and Single Sign-On

  • Reduce the risk of inappropriate access and fraud without burdening end users


    The need to quickly deploy Web and cloud-based applications is now a driving force for most organizations in order to support online commerce, collaboration and transactions. But as more devices access applications and the number of everyday transactions increase, so does the risk for fraud and online attacks.

    The Advanced Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions help you to provide secure access to your applications without burdening your end users. Having a centralized platform for SSO, access management and authentication can help your developers focus on business logic and get new applications to market faster. The convenience of social sign-on, single sign-on, and user friendly strong authentication can increase adoption and customer loyalty. The protection provided by session assurance, authorization policies, risk–analysis and strong authentication helps to secure organizational data and user identities.

    A comprehensive, risk-based authentication and fraud detection platform that balances security, usability, and cost will help you monitor and authenticate online activities in real time by correlating behavioral analysis and device profiling without impacting the user experience

    These proven solutions can be delivered as on-premises software and/or from the cloud as an integrated solution that includes both secure Single Sign-On and flexible access management integrated with strong, risk-based authentication (including multi-factor software credentials with patented key protection and risk analysis) to reduce the risk of inappropriate access and fraudulent transactions.