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  • Consultancy

    For a successful IT solution implementation, it’s mandatory to make a detailed analysis of the client’s specific business processes, the work volume and the occurrence of the emergency situations. SolvIT has a team of professional consultants with a vast experience in the IT management solutions field, able to globally analyse the client’s business and to provide the solution that perfectly fits the customer’s needs.

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  • Customization

    SolvIT develops a wide variety of customized software applications and programs in the following areas: database design, custom programming, client-server internet and intranet software applications.

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  • Implementation

    SolvIT doesn’t simply sell products; but offer solutions. Along with the information technologies, SolvIT provides a whole portfolio of technical services to perfectly integrate the application within the customer global IT environment. In accordance with the client’s infrastructure, his work volume and activities type, SolvIT’s technical team customizes the solution in order to gain clear and cost-effective results from it.

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  • Maintenance and Support

    The maintenance and support activities can take more time and resources than the software development. In accordance with the client’s business evolution or with the modification of the initial requirements, it is possible to add new code, to modify the existing one, to extend the system for the new functionalities. In these situations, the most important thing is to respect the initial code design and to adapt the modifications or adjustments to the global program, in order to get a unified solution. Together with the training, the support activity is extremely useful in order to help people become familiar with the solution and to start use it easily, for better results.


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  • Education – Trainings

    One of the most important steps in the IT solutions implementation process is the customer education. A well trained customer, which understands clearly his role and all his activities, will certainly be a satisfied one! The users will easily and correctly operate the new technologies because they will know exactly what they have to do and why they have to follow and respect a certain series of operating steps. They will not perceive the new solution as another IT complicated application, or as a restrictive or supervising tool, able to prejudice their jobs or their work routines.
    This is the reason for which SolvIT offers a serious educational program which includes multiple levels of professional training for the provided solutions (beginner, intermediate, advanced), as well as knowledge transfer for utilization and administration.