Identity and Access Management

  • Control and govern user and administrator access


    Users with inappropriate or excessive privileges can wreak havoc on a business, including violating compliance mandates or causing leakage of confidential data. Automating the process of granting and verifying application access based on each user’s relationship and role with your organization—whether they are employees, administrators, contractors, customers or business partners—improves IT flexibility. It also helps to improve operational efficiencies and reduce security risks by on-boarding new users faster and ensuring people only have access that is appropriate in their job function.

    These security solutions provide the ability to manage and govern user identities (including shared, administrative accounts) and answers the question, “Who has access to what?” in a simple and cost-effective manner. Identity Management provides the ability to manage and govern user identities as well as the tools to gain control over your privileged users ̶ across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Designed to be easy-to-use and cost-effective, our solutions for Identity Management can help improve efficiency, security and compliance throughout your enterprise.