RSA® Web Threat Detection Adds Enhanced Visibility & Analytics

RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announced the latest version of RSA Web Threat Detection designed to provide enterprises with end-to-end visibility into web sessions to help mitigate risks associated with consumer-facing websites including cybercrime activity and business logic abuse.


RSA Web Threat Detection goes beyond the capabilities of traditional tools to help organizations identify a virtually limitless range of online threats in real time – from precursors of fraud to actual fraudulent activities. The latest version is built to offer enhanced real-time visibility into web session activities, new mobile traffic monitoring capabilities and additional detection measures across the entire online user lifecycle to help enterprises gain greater insight into the online threat environment to more accurately detect active threats.


RSA Web Threat Detection adds real-time threat groups that leverage Big Data to link potentially threatening users and IP addresses based on similar abnormal behavior to enhance threat detection of transactions and/or users associated with known malicious online activity. Organizations can quickly perform searches to identify web sessions that are a part of a threat group that may require deeper investigation. Once an attack is identified, RSA Web Threat Detection is engineered to group and detect any similar attack types automatically. Moreover, enhanced insight into a profile’s history, including current and former user or IP address behavior, allows organizations to spot anomalous activity on an individual basis quickly – allowing administrators to take appropriate action.


As the mobile channel continues to grow in popularity, it also becomes an attractive vehicle for fraudsters to exploit. As a result, RSA Web Threat Detection is engineered to add in new capabilities to provide visibility into mobile application traffic allowing organizations to create specific rules to help identify and mitigate mobile threats.

By correlating user activity across mobile and traditional web channels in real-time, organizations can increase threat detection accuracy and keep pace with the growing demand, usage and enhanced risks this ever-growing channel presents.


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